5 Steps: How To Start A Content Marketing Campaign

When it comes to content marketing, I don’t advise looking at it in a sense of a short-term “campaign” as you may do with your PPC or social media efforts. As the SEO landscape continues to shift, it’s becoming more apparent that long-term engagement with your target audience (content marketing) will become ever more important. In this article I will discuss 5 steps to getting your content marketing underway.

Step 1: Involved Your Staff – Brainstorming Session

Are you a small business with a sales and/or customer service team? If so, tapping into their knowledge will give you a great starting point to gather topics for your first step in content marketing.

Your first step will be to gather around in a room, or conference call, to have a brainstorming session for question creation. Depending on your team size, break into groups. Instruct your team members to think back to all the most common questions they receive from potential, or existing, customers. Now, take 10 minutes and have each group write down as many questions as possible relating to your product or service (they can be basic or specific).

Step 2: Gather Questions & Organize

Your next step is to gather all the questions you received from your brainstorming session and organize into one document. When placing into this document, make sure you review the “questions” as they may need to be rewritten for proper wording.

Step 3: Assign Questions to Staff For Answering

Leverage your staff! If you are a business owner you should be making content marketing part of your job descriptions, and not just for your “marketing department”. Let your current, and future, staff know that engagement across all members is a requirement for the companies future growth. Depending on your company size, most employees probably will only have to contribute answers a couple times a month.

Step 4: Have Answers Go to Your “Marketing Person”

Have your staff send all answers to your person in charge of getting this content on your website. Answers don’t need to be “perfectly written” but you definitely want someone to be in charge of making sure the topics begin discussed answer the question in a clear, informative, way.

Step 5: Post to Your Website

Last but not least, post your answers on your website. Engagement among readers is always preferred so ask your readers to contact you or respond with a comment. Perhaps they will even inspire future content pieces?

These were 5 quick steps to get started with content marketing, I hope you find this useful for your application. As always, no two companies or industries are the same and your steps might be slightly different. Post or comment or Contact Me if you have any questions or suggestions to add to this post.

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