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Website Design For New Business

One of the most common challenges I run across working with startup businesses is that they are unsure how to launch their online presence. This article will you a few website design for new business pointers, including first steps towards getting your site launched. Research Industry Websites Most clients come to me without any real […]

Does PPC Work For Small Businesses?

You hear a lot about PPC (Paid-Per-Click), perhaps even been contacted by Google about AdWords, for small business. So, it begs to question: “Does PPC Work For Small Business?“. If I’ve had a penny for ever time I’ve been asked this question I’d have, well, a lot of pennies. Truth of the matter is it […]


How Do Website Designers Get Paid?

If you’ve ever wondered how website designers get paid, you wouldn’t be alone. I run across this topic all the time when working with my consulting clients. All website designers and developers have their own contracts, but in this article I will tackle the hot questions relating to: Payment Structure For Website Designers Popular Payment […]